Best Methods for Backing up your Playstation 4 Storage

Are you running out of space on your Playstation 4 hard drive? Or have you been meaning to back up your data but have not gotten around to doing it? If this is the case, this article suits you. Although no backup method can be said to be perfect, you will find out why backing up your data can give you peace of mind, as well as speed up your PS4 load times greatly.

We spoke to a data recovery company in phoenix Arizona for some tips. They informed us that to guarantee the safety of your data, it is always recommended you choose at least two backup methods, and use them concurrently.In this, you can use an offsite cloud-based method of storage together with an on site attached storage. With this, if either method turns unreliable, you will still have a backup.

Keep Your Data in the Cloud

Cloud storage services have become all the rage now, both to PC users and hardcore PS4 gaming fans. A majority of these services provide end-to-end encryption services, which means your data will always be safe. Apart from the free services of storage on offer, you can also get additional space at a reasonable fee. The most common cloud-based services for storage include:

  • iCloud drive
  • one drive
  • Google drive
  • Dropbox

Backup to an External Hard Drive

Portable and external hard drives connect to your PS4 console one at a time. A majority of them tend to be wired, but you can also find some which have wireless capabilities. The good thing about these devices is a majority of them now come with USB 3.0 capabilities. This means the data transfer process will be very fast.

Put Your Data on a Thumb Drive

USB flash drives can be equated to small SSD (solid state drives) which a person can carry in their pocket. Although they were once very expensive, and only came with limited space for storage, their prices have dropped significantly in the last few years. Their sizes have also been increased significantly, making them an ideal data backup solution to your PS4 console.

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