What is Microsoft Flow and how to use it?

What is Microsoft Flow and how to use it?

Technological advancements have transformed business operations globally. The primary challenge that has engulfed businesses is the coordination of functions of the numerous applications required. If your business is experiencing difficulties with the management of the ever-rising applications, then you use Microsoft Flow. Read on to find out more about it.

What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based software that’s crucial in coordinating the activities in your organization. It allows your employees to automatically create workflows which links multiple applications and services in the organization without the help of a developer. These automated workflows are known as flows. You only need to specify the action that should be performed when a certain event happens.

The Microsoft Flow is the solution to the overwhelming inter-linked tasks that employees are expected to perform concurrently. The software will automate all the tasks, send notifications, move files, gather data, and much more.

How to Use Microsoft Flow:

Get Ready for a Start

You’ll just need a web browser and email address to start using Microsoft Flow. The software is built to support different versions of browsers including Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Also, Microsoft Flow supports all the email address ending in .org, .com, and .edu. If you own an email address ending in .gov and .mil, you’ll need to open up other addresses since Microsoft Flow does not currently support the format.

Microsoft Flow also has mobile applications that you can download from your play store or app store. The app is available for iOS and Android and will run on smart phones as well as smart watches.

Choose your Monthly Plan

Microsoft Flow has three monthly plans. However, you should first start with the free plan which will allow you 750 runs per month, unlimited flow creation, and a 15-minute check. The runs occur whenever you trigger a Microsoft Flow task while the checks refer to the time interval within which runs are initiated. Once you’re content with the working of the software, you can proceed to the premium packages that offer as high as 15,000 runs per month with checks of 1 minute.

Use the Pre-Built Templates

Microsoft Flow comes with pre-built templates that match the common needs of various organizations. All you need is to have access to the services provided in the templates and fill out all the required settings. Immediately you fill in the details, you’ll automatically start using Microsoft Flow to ease the operations at your organization. Microsoft Flow allows you to create up to 25 flows with a chance of reimbursement if you communicate with Microsoft.

The software is safe since it has safeguards to guarantee that corporate data does not accidentally leak on social media. Also, corporate IT gurus can create rules and policies which prevent data loss.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Flow is a revolutionary invention that will ease your business operation, reduce cost, and save time. The software is ideal for use with any business size and you should share on the benefits through installing it!

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